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Business Mentoring Program

Business Mentoring Program

What is business mentoring program?

There is much to be gained by enrolling in a business mentoring program. There are business leaders who take great pride and pleasure in helping younger or less experienced people work to their fullest potential. Mentoring system helps the upcoming leaders to get resolution to their sticky problems and brainstorm much better.

Learning Solutions Group’s initiatives

Our business mentoring program helps you at various stages of your business life. We facilitate the interaction between Senior business leaders and the people who need guidance. We map the requirement both ways, for the leaders who want mentoring, we identify the areas of improvement that they seek, the improvement could be in technical domain or it could be leadership traits or other soft skills. For the Mentors we run a similar interaction where we identify the areas of expertise they have coupled with the areas of interest they may have. We then facilitate in the initial interactions to help both mentors and upcoming leaders. We help create a rapport and build a system of documentation and follow up.

Ensuring success

Personal growth is an individualized pursuit. We help identify the road map of joint working and facilitate in the initial interaction, we are always available as a mediator, facilitator or communication expert to help all the parties. Learning Solutions Group works very closely with business leaders to continuously better our programs. It is one of India’s latest endeavor of this nature.

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