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Sales and Customer Service Training

Sales and Customer Service Training

Technical or Softskills?

This is a very interesting question. Are these technical skills or Soft skills? Is the sales process and customer service a science or an art? Are good sales people born and is good customer service inherent in some people and sorely lacking in others? This is a very interesting intellectual debate and management and business leaders seem to be divided equally on both sides. Some say these are inherent traits whereas some believe that with processes and proper training these can be taught.

Learning Solutions Group’s insights

We realized after talking with industry captains and thought leaders that we need to tackle this at two levels. Both at hiring level and as a continuous improvement development plan. At hiring stage we need to have certain processes in place and we have developed training programs to get people to be more effectiveinterviewers and hiring professionals. W train them to observe the cues for the art part of hiring. Good hire is absolute necessity for good professionals in the long run. Post hire we have training program for continuous improvement.

Marketing, sales and customer service training

Interesting enough there is a big overlap in these domains. Good marketing people are often good sales people also and they are most certainly good at customer service too. Being able to build a relationship and trust with potential clients and sustaining it is the key to success in these domain. We have Training Programs that tackle the pain points at core level as well as individual training for these domain. Modules like Relationship building and Body Language and others act at the core to help all such professionals. There are specific training for Call Centers, Telemarketing and specific sales and marketing training.   

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