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Soft Skills Training

Soft Skills Training

What are softskills

It is easy to judge for technical or hard skills. One can take an exam or perform at a job and can be evaluated on these competencies. They can be acquired with structured learning, driving is a technical skilland can be acquired by a series of steps. You learn these in a logical sequence and learn the basics of driving soon. To become a good driver is a different thing altogether. You need to have the proper attitude to be a good driver. Interaction with other people is what makes you a better driver. Softskills are these interpersonal skills that make you a better person, a better leader or even a better follower.

Significance of Culture

Softskills are very culture driven, tough there is a universality to inter personal interactions. Yet understanding the impact of culture is extremely important to these interactions. Understanding the culture of the given importance should be the first thing to take care of especially when designing Learning Intervention for the organization. What is considered a great behavior may not be considered such in another environment. Brashness and aggression may not be a great behavior in an Eastern culture like Japan.

Softskills Training

Once we have accounted for cultural understanding, we can directly impact on the universal elements of human outcome by focusing on Softskills Trainings. At Learning Solutions Group, we have a lot of new age Softskills Offerings like Active Listening, Critical Thinking, Self Leadership etc. Our offering on Softskills have helped organizations create better workers, managers as well as leaders.

Impact of Softskills

Softskills training in Noida and Softskills training in Gurgaon at various medium to large size organizations have proven to be very effective in impacting the overall culture, thus effecting performance and ultimately the ROI on training was a big positive.Softskills training in Delhi prove to be effective in better interpersonal interaction.

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