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Team Building Training

Team Building Training

Team as natural unit

As an organization grows in size and complexity, structures need to be brought in place along with processes. One of the structure that is essential to work as a cohesive unit is a team. Many individuals get together to create a team; many teams create an organization. It is widely accepted and corroborated with studies that an ideal team size should be between 5-12 individuals with lesser sizes being better.

Why team building has to be a conscious effort?

Ask any manager or leader and they will tell you team building is not an easy or natural process. It takes a conscious and consistent effort to create and nurture teams. Every person is walking embodiment of an ego in human form. When in a group these issues are compounded exponentially and it takes effort on the part of both the managers and the team members to work together.

Benefits of team building

Fortunately, there are as many benefits of working cohesive as a team as there are challenges to it. In this situation sum can be magnitudes greater than parts. Brainstorming in a team can be a good test of new and innovative ideas. Members can play off each other’s strengths and can help in case of weaknesses. In case of someone having health or other issues the work load can be distributed.

Our offerings

Various modules have been created to help the teams become trained in working more cohesively. Building Better Teams is a program especially created for team work. Another program is Team Building – Developing High Performance Teams there are couple of other programs aimed at Managers which help them focus better, communicate more effectively and create better performing teams.

What to do next

Team building training in Noida, Delhi and Gurgaon can be taken up at company premises or it can be created as a remote location activity. Get in touch with us to create your next Learning Intervention on team building.


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